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Does a dynamic, modern and above all self-determined working environment in which you can make the most of yourself and your know-how sound just right to you? Then we are looking for YOU to expand our team.
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More salary

We offer you a very attractive salary package depending on your professional experience (€4,200 - €6,000 per month) plus other exciting benefits, such as vacation and Christmas bonuses, company cell phone, company car or bike, and much more.


More flexibility

Individuality is very important to us. We help you to create a workplace that is tailored to you and your needs, where you can best develop your potential. No matter if remote or from our office.

Mehr Freiheit

More freedom

Who likes long journeys? Together with you, we will look for the projects that fit to your center of life and your mobility. Full remote projects are also possible for you.


Be a part of 
our team

Sometimes you need more flexibility. Life is dynamic and makes many demands on us. Why shouldn't the workplace be able to adapt to this? We create a workplace that fits your life perfectly. Balance should be more in focus.

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Why you should work with us? Because we know what matters.


For us,
the focus is
on people


We dispense
with complicated


We are looking
for real


We invest
in our most important
asset: you!


Count on us. With a contract that covers you.

As an employee, you will receive a fixed income from us, your employer, based on the agreed working hours. The collective agreement of the IGZ applies to you. Your contract offers you maximum social security (health, pension and unemployment insurance).

Curato Team

Be part of a team With clear structures and a "direct line"

There is an open and appreciative culture within our team. In addition to a direct contact person who is available for you 24/7 and takes care of all topics related to your assignment, you can exchange ideas with your colleagues at any time. If only for small talk or if you need help with a technical challenge.

Stay hungry

Stay Curious Gather new experiences

For us, what counts first and foremost is the way you analyze and solve problems. The many different technologies are the tools, but your handling of them is the most important thing. So that you also feel confident with new technologies, we offer you the possibility of online courses and further training measures, which you are free to choose.


A new idea 
of work

We think work differently. We are happy if you want to become a part of the team!

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FAQ Frequently asked questions

1. how can I become part of the Curato team?

It's very simple: Get in touch with us. Send us an application or just talk to us without a long process or complicated formalities. By phone, by mail, however you like. We will then arrange a meeting to get to know each other at the pace at which you would like to have the further conversation with us. We will then talk together about your questions and ideas about the job. And of course we tell you about our ideas and our clients, our current vacancies and your opportunities with us.

During the entire application phase, we will stay in contact so that we can arrange interviews and assignments at potential client companies at short notice. We apply to you just as you apply to us!

2. Can I apply to Curato even without a specific job offer?

We are happy about every unsolicited application! If you are interested, please send us your application documents or contact us by phone. And if you recommend us, we will be twice as happy.

3. Is employment on a part-time basis possible?

Yes, of course! We offer you a variety of working time models. We would be happy to explain the full range of options to you in a personal meeting.

4. How long does it take to get to the first customer?

This is a question to which there is no standard answer. But we promise that you will be involved and informed during the whole time and that you will have a direct contact person during this time.

5. What do I need to bring with me for my first assignment?

Fun and good humor! With everything else we equip you of course. All the necessary tools and software you need, you get from us.

6. How long do my assignments last with the customers?

It all depends on the customer and their needs. The assignment can last a few days, but also several weeks or months. Depending on whether only short-term replacements are needed or whether there is a long-term need for personnel. Even before the end of the assignment, we actively seek a new task.